High Risk Pregnancy


Importance of pregnancy follow up for you and your baby:

Other than following up your and your baby's health, it is also a chance to ask your gynecologist any question or advice regarding lab tests and nutrition. When pregnancy is confirmed, you will need pregnancy care and follow up and you be offered a special healthcare program. This involves scheduled visits to your gynecologist every four weeks for the first 30 weeks of pregnancy and every two weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy, then weekly till delivery (around week 40).


Threatened Miscarriage:

This has harmful effects on mother, fetus or both. It is sometimes expected before pregnancy so positive steps are taken to limit its effects. Careful follow up with your gynecologist is essential.

The most common causes of Threatened Miscarriage include:

  • Cardiac diseases

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension and pregnancy poisoning

  • Chronic liver and kidney diseases

  • Acute anemia

  • Repeated abortion

  • Early age pregnancy

  • Old age pregnancy

  • Auto immune disease

  • thrombophilias

  • Hormonal