Infertility and ART 

Importance of Pregnancy Follow-up:

  • Your small family is your dream. We make your dream comes true using latest methods.

  • In some IVF cases, we use magnification of sperm using IMSI to clarify any abnormalities. IMSI magnifies sperm up to 1200 times to select the best sperm for fertilization.

  • One of the methods which increase the chances of fertilization is embryoscopy. It is an improved unit where division is followed up every 24 hours. It helps us choose healthy embryos and equal divisions which will be better for injection and offer a stable pregnancy. We advise using embryoscopy for cases with previously failed IVF.

  • The course of IVF lasts from 4-6 weeks. Expect to spend the whole day with your husband in the clinic to collect sperms and eggs then return 2-4 days later to transfer embryos.